The Tragically Hip Wines

Stoney Ridge Estate Winery, in partnership with The Tragically Hip is pleased to announce our release of the latest vintages of The Tragically Hip wine; our 2017 Fully Completely Grand Reserve Red and 2018 Ahead by a Century Chardonnay. We feel that these are our finest vintages to date, and hope you enjoy them as well! The bottlings are limited production, available while supplies last.

Gifts of Wine

The Tragically Hip 2 Bottle Gift Pack

A bottle each of the Tragically Hip Fully Completely Grand Red Red and Ahead by a Century Chardonnay in a custom branded 2 bottle box and topped off with a Hip branded ribbon.  Buy Now!

2017 Fully Completely Grand Reserve Red:

The Fully Completely Grand Reserve Red was originally created to commemorate the Hips announcement of the re-release of their legendary album Fully Completely and 2015 North American Tour. The wine was co-created by band members Gord Downie, Paul Langlois, Rob Baker, Gord Sinclair, and Johnny Fay in conjunction with Stoney Ridge Estate Winery. Buy Now!

2018 Ahead by a Century Chardonnay:

A delightful balance between fruit and oak. Lush aromas of vanilla, coconut and floral spice mix with cantaloupe, pear and melon. Flavours include vanilla, melon, peach and Macintosh apple. The palate is medium to full-bodied with a silky, buttery texture, balanced by crisp lemon acidity. Buy Now!