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The latest vintages of The Tragically Hip wines plus special gift packs!

Doug Gilmour - Wines & Gifts

Doug Gilmour’s Bin 93 Red and White, amazing branded boxes and a puck!

Stoney Ridge - Wines & Gifts

Our best wines with add-on single or double boxes or a handy carry case.


For customized packaging contact Sarah Barker at 905.562.1324 Ext. 101 or email:

Gift Packages Available

The Doug Gilmour 2 Pack

A customized Gilmour 2 bottle box containing one bottle of both red and white wine. Package also includes a limited-edition regulation Gilmour wine hockey puck!

The Cheese Cellar

View our large selection of cheeses.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

The most stunning winery in Niagara.

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Take a journey from vine to wine.